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‘Public Relations' Digital Resolution’ eBook out now

Stella Bayles

There are digital budgets three times the size of normal PR retainers waiting for PR’s just like you.

This book will strengthen future communications strategies, provide the measurement you’ve been looking for and win new digital budgets. This is why the future of PR couldn’t be brighter.

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Paul sutton
"If you work in PR and you do only one thing away from your to-do list this week, make it this: download and read the new ebook from SEO PR consultant Stella Bayles."
Paul Sutton, strategic digital consultant
Mark bowkowski
"The PR industry is a many headed hydra, however, for many of the PR tribes, Stella's book offers a stairway to heaven. It's about time evaluation was re-evaluated"
Mark Bowkowski, Communications & PR expert.
“Public relations has traditionally been lousy at sharing. But competing on closed, proprietary technology and workflow makes no sense at all. It’s a zero sum game. I’m envious of the collective hacking mentality of colleagues in search marketing focused on driving their practice forward. Stella is a pirate who has cleverly bridged the search and public relations businesses. Her goal is to help raise standards so that we can focus on what counts: great ideas, grounded in meaningful strategy that delivers business results. The only way we will modernise the public relations business is by working together. Stella’s book is a cracking signpost.Stephen Waddington profile picture Stephen Waddington

"In the last five years I’ve increased my agency revenue by 85% by providing financial ROI measurement for PR campaigns. This is possible through SEO-PR."

‘PR’s Digital Resolution’ outlines the winning formula that has generated online communication campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest brands and earned them millions of pounds.

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About the author:

I’m Stella. I spent 6 years learning my trade at leading London PR agencies before moving to Google specialist Propellernet where I spent a further 6 years mixing their technical know-how with PR to create a new and powerful communications practice, SEO-PR. I really do believe it solves the measurement issue and provides the financial growth we’ve been looking for as an industry. My aim is to share my winning formula so you can protect and grow your PR retainers and go after new larger digital budgets.