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James Alexander

“I needed a way of standardising the data so that, regardless of the activity type, we had more credible and consistent metrics, and ones that would allow me to compare and evaluate activity across channels and inform budget decisions.

Using the ‘estimated coverage views’ metric as a proxy for impressions laid the foundations to compare paid and owned media activity. Diageo’s communications agencies now all use CoverageBook . Then I can browse coverage and download the CSV file of metrics for my own evaluation.

Our agencies now spend less time on reporting and more on activation. ”

James Alexander, Head of Culture & Entertainment, PR & Influencer Marketing, Diageo

Data and metrics automated bu CoverageBook

Stop wasting your PR agency fee on the admin of reporting

Analysing the impact of communications is an important task that takes time and deserves investment. What doesn’t deserve your time and budget is the admin side of the process.

You would be shocked at how much time it takes to manually screenshot coverage, find metrics, organise, copy, paste and align in Powerpoint. One document can take an agency days. and days = PR budget.

Let us work with your team and agency on reports. We can do the donkey work so your budget and their time and attention is spent on delivering results.

Coverage in various visual layouts

Measure & showcase like a PR agency. Even if you don’t have one.

We get it. Not everybody has the luxury of an in-house PR team or agency. But you need keep track of and showcase the mentions of your brand to key stakeholders.

Start curating a professional PR report for your brand. Leaving you time to do all the other things you need to be doing.

Gisela Ehrensvard

“We are using the tool as a PR Brag book - showing off what hits the different PR agencies we work with have had in each market. It is good for our sales team to see what is happening and to get a feeling for the visibility not only in their own market but also in other markets around the world. It is easy to use and presents our PR coverage in an excellent way.”

Gisela Ehrensvard, Thule Group

Consistent metrics from your agencies all in one place

Whether you are managing a team, one PR agency or multiple markets and multiple communications agencies, the problems are the same; different reports, different metrics and no way of comparing success.

We love metrics and we’re passionate about PR measurement, but we like to keep things simple!

CoverageBook asks users to do one thing; paste your coverage URLs in and we do the rest. We screenshot and measure using metrics your marketing and SEO teams will not only recognise, you’ll be able to compare activity.

It’s also super simple for you to dip in and view results in seconds, leaving you more time to report to your stakeholders.

No license charging. No annual contracts. Pause or Cancel with no Hassle.

Sharing log ins for technology to keep costs down is a nightmare for any company. Team members or your agency asking who’s logged in and who made changes in the account are unnecessary headaches. That’s why you can have as many users as you need in CoverageBook. The whole team can log in at any time with their own email address. Bliss.

We also hate contracts. So we won’t ask you to sign anything or ties you into an annual agreement (unless you want to of course!). All of our plans can be paused, archived and cancelled at any time. And we're also happy to refund if it just does not work out.

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