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With flexible, easy to digest formats that make clients and stakeholders happy. You don’t need to be a designer to showcase your coverage like a pro.

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Male PR pro with styled reports, images, logos, accent colour and coverage layout settings.
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“Very slick, professional looking coverage reports can be generated in minutes saving me lots of time and making me look great in front of clients. Love it!”

Gemma Dilworth, Founder, Kinfolk Communications

Front cover image of live music gig, with client logo and accent colour settings

Customise your books with brand imagery, logos and colours

Choose how to present your coverage. Add your own images and logos for visual impact and easily create on-brand slides for Executive Summaries, Objectives or anything else you need. You have a slick, professional report template that can adapt to handle your needs—without spending hours fiddling with endless options—leaving you free to get on with what you do best.

Full page, grid and list layouts of coverage items

Flexible coverage layouts to suit all stakeholders with grid, list or full views

Showcase your coverage in its full page glory. Or choose grid or list layout options, which are perfect for presenting lots of coverage in an easy to digest, scannable way.

It also makes editing so much easier. Whether reordering coverage or looking for trends and patterns, there's an optimised view to help make it easier.

Slide builder creating a slide, Campaign Overview text content and Strategy & Objectives slides

Create or import your own slides, analysis, graphics & extra content

Go beyond just the coverage and numbers and create on-brand slides with our Slide Builder. With easy to use, great-looking layouts you can write key objectives, compare performance or analyse campaign activity without leaving the tool. You can also import your own graphs, infographics and visuals too. Slides give you the ultimate flexibility to tell the story of your PR activity.

CoverageBook report on screen, mobile and A4 paper

Share your reports online, create printable PDFs or export as a CSV

The online reports look great from a mobile phone to the boardroom screen. Or if you prefer you can create a PDF version at the touch of a button, ready to send digitally or print out as a hard copy. You can also download all coverage metrics & data as an Excel/CSV file if you want to plug the numbers in somewhere else.

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“I can't say enough great things about how easy this tool is to use and how much time and headaches it saves a PR professional…The result is a polished report that clients will be excited to see (and you will be proud to present).”

Christine Taylor, PR Consultant & Event Coordinator

Several CoverageBook reports each with cover images and logos

All your reports in one place, accessible wherever you go

You & your team can view, edit or share any report, from any device with an internet connection. Need to make a last minute change to your report on the way to your meeting? No problem. So much easier than countless spreadsheets & PowerPoints scattered who-knows-where?

Data and metrics automatically gathered for coverage including screenshots, Estimated Views, Engagements, Domain Authority and Unique Visits

Automated screenshots & metrics presented in slick coverage templates

No more copy pasting screen grabs and fiddling around aligning your stats and comments. Simply paste in your links to website articles, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc and we'll get busy collecting data and screenshots. With slick, professional templates you’ll shave hours off the process of collecting and presenting coverage.

Various front cover layouts with brand images and colours

You can judge a book by its cover, with stylish, versatile front cover layouts

Beautifully designed front cover templates that command attention, with no faff. Switch between layouts at the touch of a button. Add cover images, client logos, brand colours or just use it straight out the box with our smart defaults and auto-generated coverage montage images.

When your reports look good, they’ll get read, so make that important first impression that sets the scene for your PR results to shine.

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“CoverageBook is a tremendous timesaver for my PR company (which is made up of just me) but has the look of any larger agency reporting. I'm thrilled to give my clients a very professional looking platform to show off to their boards, executive teams and more.”

Carla Tracy, Carla Tracy Public Relations

highlight card and list of highlights

Make sure all your best coverage gets seen with highlights

As much as we want them to, not all clients sit and look at every piece of coverage in a book. With highlights you can showcase your best coverage and be sure those key pieces you worked so hard for won’t be overlooked.

positioning a screenshot so the key part is visible in the image frame

Full-length screenshots to capture coverage & showcase mentions

No more manual screengrabbing. We'll automatically capture images of your coverage in a flash. Easily bring focus to key mentions with a quick adjustment of the image frame, so your report readers won't miss the best bits.

Template book with saved logo, cover image, metric settings and section structure.

Copy books as templates and reuse the same styles on multiple projects

Copying a book as a template brings across all your customisation choices; logos, accent colour, front cover, metric settings, sections, custom slides and coverage layouts.

Set up templates for different client needs, keep a consistent in-house style and save yourself a heap of time and effort.

3 coverage sections with option to move, hide or delete

Easily group, organise and present your coverage with Sections

Create sections by country, date, media type or anything else you need. Choose a coverage layout, add custom images and easily move items around in your perfect order. You can instantly move entire sections and their contents with a single click. And it’s easy to share a link with your report readers to drop them directly into a particular section.

Customisation & design features at a glance

CoverageBook has plenty of customisable options for you to present your coverage, insights and analysis in a package that'll impress your clients. Here's a quick overview of some of the key features included on every plan.

Presentation & Report Design
Flexible, easy to digest PR report formats that have been designed with clients, stakeholders and readers in mind.
Automated screenshots & metrics for online articles, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok and more. Just paste the links to your coverage into your book and we'll present it in a professional layout that shows off your work.
Display coverage in full-page, grid or list views to suit your stakeholder's needs. Showcase your coverage in its full page glory. Or choose grid or list layout options to present lots of coverage in an easy to digest, scannable way.
A built-in Slide Builder to help you tell the full story of your work. Feature brand imagery, write analyis or objectives, add visual flair or additional context and information. You can also import your own slides too.
Make a visual impact with your book's front cover. Add your own images, logos and title. Or just save time and use our automatically generated coverage montage image instead.
Set an accent colour to carry a brand flavour throughout your book.
Share your reports online with a simple sharing link. They'll look great whether viewed on a mobile phone or the boardroom screen.
Create PDFs of your reports ready to send digitally or print out as a hard copy.
Export and download all coverage metrics & data as an Excel/CSV file if you want to plug the numbers in somewhere else.
Easily group, organise and present your coverage in Sections. Create sections by media type, date, region, activity or anything else.
Create Highlights of your must-see coverage to make sure they're seen.
Copy books as templates and bring across all your customisation choices; logos, accent colour, front cover, metric settings, sections, custom slides and coverage layouts.
Hide or show any part of the book, including entire coverage sections, the front cover or metrics summary. We know not all clients and report readers want to see the same things.
Control which metrics to feature in your book. And choose the exact order in your metrics summary to get the key stats across to your reader.
Position the image frame on screenshots to showcase a key mention or draw attention away from unwanted banners and ads.
A Contents menu so you and your report readers can easily navigate and jump straight to each part of the book from anywhere.
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