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Your team are a hard-working bunch, securing coverage for multiple clients with multiple KPIs. You know they’re doing okay but do you have the numbers to hand for that next client call? Or have visibility of what client team needs more support?

If you want greater visibility, happy updated clients and a team with more time for the important stuff, let us help.

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Peter McIntyre

“We needed to free up time to learn new skills, so we launched ‘workflow week’ – a week where the team tested technology to see what would save time. CoverageBook was the one we felt could significantly change the way we work because of the way it automates such a big manual process of client reporting. The huge reduction in time spent on reporting gave us the time we needed to learn new skills and better our client campaigns.”

Peter McIntyre, Account Director, Digital Brand, Edelman

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A clear view of how your teams are performing

Client KPIs and metrics will always vary, which makes it a challenge to review and compare how your teams are performing.

We allow multiple teams to log coverage in one place. Organised by clients and campaigns, all clips are automatically measured with consistent metrics so results are live and can be found and shared with stakeholders at any time.

Peter said he cut one client's global report time from 5 hours to just 60 minutes. Be more like Peter.

Add your coverage URLs to the free trial and let us do the rest.