How it works

CoverageBook is wonderfully simple to use and it’s super easy to get started. So you can start making high-impact PR reports that showcase your hard work and impress your clients in no time. No complex training certificate required :)

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Just add coverage...

Simply add your coverage links and CoverageBook will do the collating for you. Leaving you more time to get on with the more important parts of PR.

Paste links to websites, social media posts, YouTube etc and get screenshots and data back in minutes.

You can also add coverage files like newspaper & magazine clippings, video/audio clips and your own custom slides.

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Get PR metrics, contextual data & screenshots back

No more hunting around for audience stats, copy pasting screen grabs or fiddly formatting of hyperlinks. Let us do the grunt work.

Get credible metrics like estimated views, social shares and outlet audience stats for website articles and social media coverage. Check for links and report on the SEO benefit of your digital PR activities.

You can also add custom metrics from your own sources when you need that extra layer of personalised data.

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Customise & tailor your books to suit your brand needs

With flexible, easy to digest formats that make clients and stakeholders happy. You don’t need to be a designer to showcase your coverage like a pro.

Books can be shared right out of the box. But why stop there? Add logos, brand colours, images & custom slides to tell your story and make sure your report gets read by the right people.

With three coverage layouts for scanable overviews or full-page glory, you’ll be sure to keep your report reader’s attention.

Your book is ready to share with clients & stakeholders

CoverageBook makes life easier for PR professionals. But it’s also built for those that read the reports—your clients and stakeholders! Create your books with them in mind and you’ll retain more clients and secure more business.

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“Simply chuck in your links and —Huzzah!— a beautiful report, clients love. Hours of painstaking faff, magically condensed into minutes.”

Tamsin Henderson

Quick start video guides

Learn the basics in 1 minute. Or watch a more-detailed demo. You’ll be making books to impress your clients and colleagues in a jiffy

Quick Start Overview

(1m 12s)

How to add your coverage URLs and get visuals & metrics into a beautiful report & ready to share.

CoverageBook Demo

(10m 34s)

In around ten minutes we'll walk you through all the main features of CoverageBook to help you create beautifully designed reports that are ready to share in minutes. We'll look at creating your first report, CoverageBook's metrics and data, and our report customisation options, finishing with our three report formats.

Try CoverageBook today and start making books within minutes

It’s so easy to get going. Start a free trial and see how it all works with your own coverage.

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