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Multiple tracker spreadsheets, KPIs recorded in different places, execs spending Friday updating round-ups and copying & pasting coverage into Powerpoint. Sound familiar?

PR measurement is more important than ever, but it’s not easy. Most people in PR didn’t land their dream PR agency job to do manual data entry and create pivot tables! That’s where we come in.

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Marion Williams-Bennett

“In a time when my clients are seeking more accountability from their communications activities, I rely on CoverageBook. This service makes it so easy to create beautiful books, while the analytics provides the data validates that my work – and the PR budget.”

Marion Williams-Bennett, Principle, Create Communications

CoverageBook report and coverage pages

Less time on reporting admin. More for PR activity.

You’ve hired the best communications professionals, yet once a week they have to copy and paste coverage into Powerpoint and update spreadsheets with links and metrics. You didn’t win this business for the PR fee to be spent on this.

Let us do the donkey work. We’ll take screenshots, grab metrics, organise and create reports you, your team and the budget can be focused on the important stuff.

List of your books scren

A clear view of how your teams are performing

Client KPIs and metrics will always vary, which makes it a challenge to review and compare how your teams are performing.

We allow multiple teams to log coverage in one place. Organised by clients and campaigns, all clips are automatically measured with consistent metrics so results are live and can be found and shared with stakeholders at any time.

CoverageBook estimated coverage views metric

PR measurement does not = big budget required

Yes PR technology has a cost, but the best metrics and reporting system isn’t just for the agencies with big tech budgets, it’s accessible for all.

CoverageBook has the latest SEO, social influence and media impression data. We also predict realistic coverage view figures. We want you and your numbers to be respected as well as impressive.

As the latest update to AMEC Barcelona Principles 3.0 states, PR measurement should be ‘rooted in integrity’, our metrics are a great place to start.

Emily Barnes

“CoverageBook is one of our agency’s most used tools. It saves us so much time in demonstrating ROI for our clients by putting together something that looks great, can be shared instantly and offers metrics that others can’t. We couldn’t live without it!”

Emily Barnes, Account Director at Fanclub PR

No license charging. No annual contracts. Pause or Cancel with no Hassle.

Sharing log ins for technology to keep costs down is a nightmare for agencies. Team members asking who’s logged in and who made changes in the account are unnecessary headaches. That’s why you can have as many users as you need in CoverageBook. The whole team can log in at any time with their own email address. Bliss.

We also hate contracts. So we won’t ask you to sign anything or ties you into an annual agreement (unless you want to of course!). All of our plans can be paused, archived and cancelled at any time. And we're also happy to refund if it just does not work out.

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