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“Coveragebook allows me to record results in an accurate, consistent and presentable fashion, providing legitimate stats at the click of a button and saving me hours each month.”

Daniel Brewer, Performance Comms

social post images and estimated view metric of 23.4K

Estimated Views—honest, realistic PR measurement you can be proud of

Publisher monthly traffic figures are great for context. But we also predict how many people could actually see the coverage clip or social post over its ‘life-time’. Our unique, established and well-respected ‘estimated views’ formula considers the article placement, size and influence of the site and how many shares the clip has received on social networks.

Data and metrics automatically gathered for coverage including screenshots, Estimated Views, Engagements, Domain Authority and Unique Visits

Get credible PR metrics for online articles and social media posts

Simply paste in your links to website articles, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc and we'll get busy collecting data like estimated views, social shares and outlet audience stats. No more hunting round for numbers, copy pasting screen grabs or fiddly formatting of hyperlinks. It's never been easier to measure your media relations coverage accurately.

choosing report metrics to add to the summary

Simple snapshots of your total metrics in an easy to digest summary

Handpick the metrics that best tell the story of the impact of your work. Choose which metrics to feature and in which order—it’s easy to add, remove and drag metrics around for complete, curated data perfection.

Choose Estimated Views for realistic PR impact numbers like the team at Diageo

Estimated Views visualisation showing how it's calculated from outlet audience numbers and amplified by social shares and engagements.

“It's a big gripe of mine seeing PR saying potential reach is X million or even X billion people. As a brand manager and allocator of budget, you can't take a lot from 'reach data'. We like using the 'Estimated Coverage Views' metric in CoverageBook. It's more realistic which means it's easier for me to compare PR against other areas of marketing.”

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James Alexander

Head of Culture & Entertainment, PR & Influencer Marketing, Diageo

Learn more about Estimated Views

Search and filter coverage vault by date

Coverage Vault, a treasure trove of all your account-wide coverage data

Search for coverage, refine by clients, media type or time periods. Spot trends and build new books from your results. With the extra power and flexibility of the Coverage Vault, KPI trackers will become a thing of the past.

CoverageBook Domain Authority and Backlink metrics

Digital PR Domain Authority scores & client backlink counter

Every piece of coverage you earn from Digital PR that includes a link to your client’s site is contributing to their natural search visibility. So you can and should be reporting back on your contribution to SEO from quality coverage. Let us do the hard work finding and counting the links in your coverage, and analysing their strength through Domain Authority scores.

Demonstrate your importance to SEO & digital PR like the team at Radioactive PR

CoverageBook Domain Authority and Backlink metrics

“The Domain Authority metric allows us to demonstrate SEO impact from our PR work to clients. We have also tracked the ‘average domain authority’ score of all of the sites we have gained coverage and links on over 12 months. It shows the influential publishers we’re working with which is impressive to clients that care about their search visibility”

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Rich Leigh

Founder, Radioactive PR

Learn more about Digital PR reporting in CoverageBook

adding a custom metric with a definition to a piece of online coverage

Add your own custom metrics when you need that extra layer of data

You can also add unlimited custom metrics to online coverage and social posts, as well as offline pieces. The coverage templates will flex to handle whatever you need. You can even choose how these metrics get totalled up in your summary—as a sum or average.

image of influencer profile with bio, followers and avatar image

Outlet data that adds a whole extra layer of context to your coverage

We all know that not every outlet or publication is immediately recognisable by name. That’s why we pull back a short bio, a logo and of course some metrics that all help to get across the quality or relevance of your coverage. Great for reporting, even better for your next campaign planning.

Metrics & data at a glance

CoverageBook is packed full of everything you need to measure coverage effectively. Here's a quick overview of some of the key data points and features included on every plan.

Metrics & Data
Automated metrics for online articles, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok and more. Just paste the links to your coverage into your book and we'll do the rest.
Full-length screenshots of your coverage. Adjust the image frame to showcase a key mention.
Playable embeds of social posts and Youtube. Play video and audio right from within your book.
Our unique, established and well-respected ‘estimated views’ formula predicts how many people could actually see the coverage over it's lifetime. It considers size and influence of the site and how many shares the clip has received on social networks.
Ground-breaking Estimated Views metrics for social media posts. It's an industry first in social reporting that raises the bar for honest, realistic PR measurement.
Social shares and engagements across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok (likes, shares, comments, ...)
Youtube stats including views, engagements and subscriber numbers.
Publication/outlet monthly audience figures provided by trusted traffic data source, SimilarWeb.
Social influencer follower numbers for major social platforms.
Contextual outlet data, like publication name, logo and even a short bio for extra context.
Domain Authority scores from trusted provider Moz to help analyse the strength of links and SEO benefits of coverage.
Check for backlinks to client's websites (up to 5 separate domains per book), so you can report back on your contribution to SEO from quality coverage.
Metrics Summary that totals up your overall stats. With drag and drop ordering to give you control over what numbers matter most.
Metrics Summary Palette containing sum totals of every data point in your book, so you have complete control over which metrics to feature in your summary.
Add your own custom (user-created) metrics for all types of coverage. Whether you have your own data sources for offline coverage or need to include your in-house scoring systems.
Choose to hide or show metrics throughout your book. You can even hide the whole metrics summary if the visuals are your priority.
Use the same metric settings frequently for certain clients? Copy any book as a template and those metrics and settings will transfer across.
Export all data as a CSV. If you're an excel wizard or you just need to include your numbers in a separate tracker.
Coverage Vault - a searchable treasure-trove of all coverage in your account. Search, refine by clients, media type or time periods. Spot trends and build new books from your results.

FAQs on how this all works...

Do you help me monitor and get alerted to my coverage?

No. We have intentionally built the tool to not do this. We want you to be able to handpick your coverage and then compile a report based on that. Too many fully automated monitoring + dashboard solutions pickup irrelevant mentions. Or miss things entirely. Creating metrics + graphs people don’t end up trusting.

There is a reason most monitoring tool users end up collating a clean list of actual coverage in a spreadsheet! We are the alternative to that tracker spreadsheet. And then some...

Seriously? If I have to find the coverage why do so many people love this tool?

We have lots of customers that just don’t need a fully fledged media monitoring tool. Many bookmark the URLs of their mentions as they discover them via google news or from the person that wrote about them. Then they paste those links into CoverageBook. And are ready to measure & showcase their work back to clients.

On the other end of the scale we have huge teams that need a solution to consolidate all the mentions they collect across multiple tools. They find consolidating a clean list of Coverage in our tool gives them the data consistency they crave!

How can I trust the data you provide?

We’ve automated the collection of coverage data since 2014. We’re getting good at it. We have picked some of the best 3rd party suppliers of key metrics such as SimilarWeb (for outlet audience data), Moz for their Domain Authority metric, Buzzsumo for social share data (which they source from Twitter API).

My boss still wants me to use AVE. Do you calculate this for us?

No. I know this may be a deal breaker for you. But seriously. It’s time to move on. Let us help you.

Do you just collect metrics for the coverage URLs I add?

No. We do so much more. From a URL we’ll capture full screen grabs of the page, the title of the article, and the date is was published. And then pull it all together into a report ready to share. Or you can just export the data to use however you wish.

I need to add print, radio, broadcast coverage. Do you have data for this?

No. You are able to add this type of coverage. We just don’t auto source metrics yet. But you can add custom metrics to these items manually.

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