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Automated coverage screenshots and credible PR, social and playlist metrics all wrapped up in a flexible, customisable report that showcases your success to clients, partners and talent.

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How it works

CoverageBook is built for busy PR pros, so you can spend less effort reporting and put your energy into the more important parts of a music campaign.

1. add coverage instagram, twitter, facebook and tik tok logos. 2. Screenshot and metrics. 3. Happy client with report layout settings.


Just add coverage...

Paste links to website articles, social media posts, YouTube etc. Or upload print clippings, video or audio files.


Get screenshots, PR metrics & data back in minutes

Choose how to present your report and prioritise key metrics including audience reach and social and Spotify playlist engagement.


Customise and share your book: Online, as a PDF or CSV

With flexible layouts and space to add videos, slides, quotes and branding you'll delight your report readers whatever their needs.

Books with better looks

Flexible, easy to digest formats you can adapt to suit anyone—from senior marketing to brand partners, sponsors, agents or talent. You don’t need to be a designer to showcase your campaigns like a pro.

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Music events and festivals generate thousands of pieces of coverage which can take days to collate manually. CoverageBook is the epitome of 'less admin, more impact' and takes minutes to create from start to finish, our team could not live without it.

Ned Boyd co-founder, Cut The Bull

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Ready to send digitally or print out when you need a hard copy

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Export as CSV

Download all coverage metrics & data as an Excel/CSV file

Measure awareness and prove your impact

Easily demonstrate the impact of partner investment and fan reach with automated data you can trust; like audience, views, plays and engagements.

Learn about metrics & data

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CoverageBook was instrumental (no pun intended) in driving the development of our music product forward. By quantifying the PR impact it enabled me to obtain an audience with VC firms and other major entities interested in funding. CoverageBook gives artists a way to quantify their audience and visualize the impact, which is invaluable in terms of funding.

Margo Neely, Chief Creative Officer at Neely and Daughters

Read the full interview on how a PR report helped Neely & Daughters gain funding for their brilliant creative fusion of designing a pair of prototype sneakers that are also a fully working drum machine.

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Whether you’re reporting to a record label, artist, manager, or a brand partner, we know plays and engagements are key which is why CoverageBook collects Spotify playlist number of followers, and its likes and shares on social media.

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We’ve been reducing reporting-induced headaches worldwide since 2014.

Here’s what some of our happy customers are saying about their experiences using CoverageBook.

Best PR Tool Ever Invented! Any serious publicist who values its own time should invest in using Not only it saves time by pulling together screenshots, metrics and helping you put reports in a nicely presented coverage book, it allows your clients to understand the metrics better.

Kristina Spionjak

I am so happy I found this tool! I could not live without it now. Clients are extremely happy with the layout and how easy it is to make sense of each placement. It is FANTASTIC. I can not sing the praises of CoverageBook enough.

Jessica McCafferty Brennan, Vice President, Janice McCafferty Communications

It's so easy to use. It has really made my life easier...This is making me look good in front of our leadership team. Definitely a godsend for any PR agency.

Serene Touma, Marketing & Communications Director, Beco Capital

We've got lots more happy customers. If you'd like to read more honest opinions and reviews check us out on G2 Crowd

Beautifully designed reports with credible PR metrics you can be proud of.

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30 day free trial, no commitment, no credit card required.
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Why should I try CoverageBook?

Fair question. Here are 9 pretty good reasons.

Do you help me monitor and get alerted to my coverage?

No. We have intentionally built the tool to not do this. We want you to be able to handpick your coverage and then compile a report based on that. Too many fully automated monitoring + dashboard solutions pickup irrelevant mentions. Or miss things entirely. Creating metrics + graphs people don’t end up trusting.

There is a reason most monitoring tool users end up collating a clean list of actual coverage in a spreadsheet! We are the alternative to that tracker spreadsheet. And then some...

Seriously? If I have to find the coverage why do so many people love this tool?

We have lots of customers that just don’t need a fully fledged media monitoring tool. Many bookmark the URLs of their mentions as they discover them via google news or from the person that wrote about them. Then they paste those links into CoverageBook. And are ready to measure & showcase their work back to clients.

On the other end of the scale we have huge teams that need a solution to consolidate all the mentions they collect across multiple tools. They find consolidating a clean list of Coverage in our tool gives them the data consistency they crave!

How can I trust the data you provide?

We’ve automated the collection of coverage data since 2014. We’re getting good at it. We have picked some of the best 3rd party suppliers of key metrics such as SimilarWeb (for outlet audience data), Moz for their Domain Authority metric, Buzzsumo for social share data (which they source from Twitter API).

My boss still wants me to use AVE. Do you calculate this for us?

No. I know this may be a deal breaker for you. But seriously. It’s time to move on. Let us help you.

Do you just collect metrics for the coverage URLs I add?

No. We do so much more. From a URL we’ll capture full screen grabs of the page, the title of the article, and the date is was published. And then pull it all together into a report ready to share. Or you can just export the data to use however you wish.

I need to add print, radio, broadcast coverage. Is that possible?

Yes. You are able to add this type of coverage. We just don’t auto source metrics yet. But you can add custom metrics to these items manually.