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Over 13,254 PR professionals in more than 40 countries use CoverageBook to showcase and measure coverage. Here is what we care about...

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What we care about...
Basic, time-consuming clipping & metrics gathering given to junior team members. Or the MD in small agencies! Both have better things to do. Boring bits are automated. Hours & sanity are saved. You focus on higher value work. Planning, Pitching & time to evaluate impact at a higher level.
Unrealistic & out-dated reach & AVE metrics. PR teams seen as laughing stock of other marketers. Valuable SEO impact of coverage not understood. Leaders unable to compare & make informed judgements on return on investment. Realistic & innovative metrics to let teams benchmark & measure ROI. Agile teams keeping track of key KPIs + making tactical shifts mid campaign. Supporting the credibility & value of PR work. Especially Digital PR.
Small % of trained analysts or media evaluation services able to report on PR campaign effectiveness & ROI. Anybody in PR at any level & budget can measure the impact of their work. No excel wizardry required! We want to simplify & bring measurement best practise to more people.
Professionally designed reports only available to agencies with in house design. The rest live with ugly slides, documents or spreadsheets to showcase results. Anybody can showcase & tell the story of their PR work. No Design skills required. Offer light touch styling to fit your brand and style.
Fully automated monitoring solutions, puking data into dashboards that never get used. Report readers overwhelmed with all the graphs & data points. Data presentation built for easy understanding for both the report creator & reader. Customers can manually add clips or use free or paid media monitoring tools alongside CoverageBook.
Jargon & whizzy features promised. “AI”, Full attribution? Sounds too good to be true. Often is. 99% of the team you bought it for don't use. It's too complicated. A strong focus on simplicity & super simple adoption. Making it easy to roll out a change in measurement behaviour.
Sales teams pushing all-in-one expensive platforms. Significant training required for teams to adopt. Locked into long term contracts with unreasonable notice periods. Innovative, simple to use PR technology that does one thing well. Works alongside existing solutions to fit your workflow. Pay monthly or annually. Cancelling is easy with no quibble refunds if renewals accidently happen.
Support sounds amazing. Dedicated account managers & telephone support. Reality is being upsold monthly & long automated phone wait times. Award winning fast, friendly online support from the makers of the product. You can also schedule demos with experts in the team
VC or private equity backed PR technology monopoly. Tech acquired, merged and sold on the promise of better solution to users. Reality is often confused product mashup & more expensive contract. Investors get rich. Or get out. Founded in 2014. We’re a bootstrapped, profitable & sustainable business. Aiming at B-corp certification. Built and proud to support all sizes of business. Not just the enterprise. Although we do that well too…

It's so easy to use. It has really made my life easier...This is making me look good in front of our leadership team. Definitely a godsend for any PR agency.

Serene Touma, Marketing & Communications Director, Beco Capital

Simple and intuitive interface that made reporting on digital PR campaigns an absolute breeze. Since we've started using CoverageBook, we managed to free up big chunks of our time that we can now spend on relationship building.

Gisele Navarro, operations director, neomam studios

Best PR Tool Ever Invented! Any serious publicist who values its own time should invest in using coveragebook.com. Not only it saves time by pulling together screenshots, metrics and helping you put reports in a nicely presented coverage book, it allows your clients to understand the metrics better.

Kristina Spionjak

Love the speed and ease of this brilliant PR tool - time and life saver! Translating hard work into figures clients can understand

Ashley Rossiter, managing director, mirror me pr

I am so happy I found this tool! I could not live without it now. Clients are extremely happy with the layout and how easy it is to make sense of each placement. It is FANTASTIC. I can not sing the praises of Coverage Book enough.

Jessica McCafferty Brennan, Vice President, Janice McCafferty Communications

Best PR Tool EVER! Where has Coveragebook.com been all of my life? I find it nothing short of genius, as it saves my PR company countless hours researching and laying out clips. Plus, the layouts are fully customizable, making it easy to show off your work to current and prospective clients. Coveragebook.com saves me so much time which I have put back into serving my clients and building my business.

Trusted by over 13,254 agency and in-house public relations professionals in more than 40 countries
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