Catch up on recordings of our in-depth webinars. Together with guest experts we tackle topics around measurement, reporting, making an impact and pushing PR forward.

How to measure the value of PR for charities and non-profits

(53m 52s)

With guest, PR data analyst Kristian Foged, to demonstrate how to measure and communicate the impact PR can have on charity and non-profit objectives.

How to successfully communicate PR results & make an impact, with Stella Bayles & Gary Preston

(50m 54s)

Modern PR can impact an organisation on many levels; now a wider variety of stakeholders take an interest in viewing results than ever before. So how do you successfully communicate the results of your hard earned PR work for multiple people with varying PR knowledge and time?

How to measure earned social coverage in 2022

(52m 35s)

Stella Bayles, director at CoverageBook and comms measurement expert, Steph Bridgeman talk through how to measure earned PR coverage on social platforms in 2022.

CoverageBook Webinar: Why 'Estimated Coverage Views' is the PR metric you need ​​​for 2022 KPIs

(58m 32s)

If you are confident in your coverage but less so in metrics or have concerns in retaining or growing your PR budget in 2022, watch this webinar. It will level-up your PR measurement game and give you a competitive edge in earned value.