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CoverageBook is a Software as a Service (SaaS) success story. We help PR professionals make beautiful reports that demonstrate the value of their work for clients and stakeholders, while also saving hours of manual busywork.

Established in Brighton in 2014, we have 2,700 customers across the world and are a calm and profitable business. We don't have unrealistic external pressure to grow, but we continue to grow anyway because it’s fun and we want to help more people.

We work flexibly, 4 days a week, with remote options but also have a light & spacious HQ in Brighton.

But we’ve reached the point with our marketing where we need another excellent human that can support our Head of Influencer Relations and Head of Marketing, to tell PR people about the benefits of CoverageBook and grow our customer base.

The role will be a 1-year contract initially.

We’re looking for someone experienced to join the team, to work on product marketing and support the unique education we provide to the global PR industry.

You are a self-starter who is confident working independently but can also collaborate with others, both within your discipline and across the business. You don’t wait to be told what to do, but create your own schedule and report progress back to your team.

You’ll pride yourself on telling the CoverageBook success story, be it with influencers, experts, partners or customers, be excited to spot partner or sponsorship opportunities and and take responsibility of getting our content out to the PR audience.

You’re a social media guru who will take pride in editing our content into engaging clips for our existing (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) channels and ensure they are regularly updated… and with your knowledge of additional platforms (such as Instagram and TikTok) will prove indispensable when we decide the time is right to launch.

Analysing customer data and researching the industry and its sub-sectors will allow you to understand the PR reporting challenge, how people use our tool - using this understanding to create and suggest ideas for future marketing activities.

You are not afraid to learn new tools or technologies which will help you do your job better, or experiment with tactics you may never have tried before - in this role will require you to be comfortable with giving things a go, no matter the outcome.

A Small, Calm, Company

We’re thirteen people and the business deliberately grows much faster than our headcount. Which means we’re in charge of our own destiny.

We are a business, where decisions and plans are discussed in the open.

Tools we use:

Basecamp, Google Drive, ConvertKit, WebinarJam, Zoom, Zapier, YouTube, Descript, Canva,, Fireside, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Intercom, Camtasia, Fireside, ChartMogul, G2 and Wootric.

We’re not expecting you to know how to use all of these - we’ll train you on anything that’s new here. Maybe you’ll have tools and techniques we’re not using, we’d love to hear about them.

Tasks and Responsibilities

We are looking for folks with excellent written and spoken communication skills with an ability to work well in a small team and with outside partners. You’ll be doing tasks such as:

Content creation & support

  • Liaise with influencers and book appearences on webinars & podcasts
  • Article ideas, copywriting, and updates on the PR Resolution
  • Creating & collating content for pages on our main (this!) site
  • Highlighting our customer’s great work in our PR showcase
  • Support our webinars: set up the back end technology, and assist with editing
  • Tracking engagement with our content and reporting back to team
  • Monitoring and reporting on our own PR coverage

Social Media

  • Summarising our webinars and podcasts to post to social channels
  • Finding and tracking industry experts and influencers
  • Monitoring and responding to social posts and shares

There are likely to be other responsibilities that develop over time, so consider this a starter for ten, rather than an exhaustive list of everything you’ll be doing.

We encourage applications from underrepresented folks.
Don’t pre-screen yourself out. Apply.

PR Pro who customises their reports
PR Pro who customises their reports

This job is not...

Fully remote. We’ve always been remote-friendly but we’re currently primarily based along the south coast. Many of us work from home/flexibly for some part of the week, we think location-independent work is great, but we’d like someone who is also willing to work in-person when needed. Plus, for us, getting together is part of the fun.

Massive teams of people to manage. You’ll be supporting the team to make great things happen, and getting our products known and used by more folks around the planet. We are small team, experts in our own right, there's no hierarchy to climb for for the next promotion. Rewards come from contributing to the success of the business within our existing roles.

Your first marketing job. We’re a team that works closely together but have a limited number of potential mentors, so we need a self-starter who has at least 4 years previous experience in public relations, marketing and influencer outreach that can get stuck in straight away.



Based on £34k–£38k full-time salary prorated to 4 days

And HR-ish Benefits:

  • 24 days leave (30 days prorated)
  • Health Cash Plan
  • Pension (5% employee contribution, 7% company contribution)
  • Training budget — whatever you need to do your job and learn well

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