Getting started with CoverageBook…

Quick Start Overview

(1 min)

David shows you how to create a coverage report in less than a minute.

In-depth Guided Demo

(16 mins)

A full demo of CoverageBook. Stella Bayles shows: how to add online-offline articles and social posts, what metrics are included in reports, how to customise design, how to share reports with stakeholders, how to extract insights from past campaigns.

Adding coverage

Adding Coverage: Overview

(3 mins)

Here David gives an overview of how to add online, social and offline coverage.

How to add online coverage

(30 secs)

David explains how to add online coverage to CoverageBook.

How to add print and broadcast coverage

(1 min)

We talk you though how to upload offline files and videos to your CoverageBook.

How to add social coverage

(1 min)

Here's how to add social coverage to your coverage report.

Understanding the metrics

A summary of our metrics

(3 mins)

Stella runs though the metrics we use in CoverageBook. You can read more here.

Online readership

(30 secs)

Learn how we gather the online readership metric.

Estimated coverage views

(1 min)

Stella explains what the 'Estimated Coverage Views' metric refers to in your CoverageBook. You can see even more details here.

Domain Authority

(30 secs)

Find out what the Domain Authority score on your report refers to. You can read more on why we think it's a great metric to use here.

YouTube views and likes

(30 secs)

Stella expains the metrics we gather for YouTube.

Social shares of online coverage

(30 secs)

How to see if your coverage has been shared.

Metrics for social posts

(30 secs)

Stella talks though the metrics you can see for your social coverage.

Customising, editing & formatting

How to customise your report

(7 mins)

David runs through an overview of how to customise your report.

How to add your company logo

(1 min)

This video shows you how to add a logo to your reports.

How to add divider slides

(3 mins)

Dividers help add more context to your report as well as help your readers navigate to different sections.

How to check for links

(1 min)

CoverageBook can read through your coverage and detect links back to your site, here's how.