Getting started with CoverageBook…

Quick Start Overview

(1m 12s)

How to add your coverage URLs and get visuals & metrics into a beautiful report & ready to share.

In-depth Demo

(18m 7s)

A full walk through of how to go from 'coverage landing' to sharing a beautifully designed report with stakeholders that includes metrics you can be proud of. We explain how your coverage is collated and analysed, what metrics you and your stakeholders will see, how to add your own proprietary metrics and how to customise to suit the needs of your report readers.

We'll also demonstrate how all of your coverage is saved so KPIs and performance can be tracked easily.

The metrics in CoverageBook

Metrics for media relations

(2m 33s)

Learn how the reports display publisher-level metrics such as monthly traffic and Domain Authority as well as article-level measurement with estimated coverage views.

Metrics for social coverage

(1m 16s)

Add owned or earned social media posts from Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and get key metrics such as followers, engagements and our unique 'estimated coverage views' metric.

Metrics for Digital PR

(1m 16s)

If SEO or digital PR impact are part of your objectives, learn how to highlight your success through key metrics including publisher Domain Authority and links secured in coverage.

How to search for backlinks

(0m 50s)

This short video will show you how to search for links to your clients coverage so you can report back on your contribution to SEO from quality coverage.

How to refresh social shares

(0m 28s)

We'll collect how many times your online coverage has been shared on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Our share option lets you update reports to the latest numbers available.

Adding, editing and sharing

How to add Coverage Links

(0m 52s)

Paste links to websites, social media posts, YouTube etc and get screenshots and data back in minutes.

How to add Coverage Files and set up Outlets

(6m 17s)

How to import coverage files like newspaper & magazine clippings, influencer coverage and video/audio clips!

Creating Collections and new books

(3m 7s)

How to create and organise all your reports into Collections.

How to set a custom share URL

(0m 35s)

You can set a custom share URL (subdomain) to personalise and brand your CoverageBook reports! This video guides you through setting a new share URL.

How to crop images

(0m 51s)

Use our cropping feature to edit automated screenshots and any images you upload manually. Find out how.

How to use Image Frame to showcase your key mentions

(1m 9s)

Quickly showcase key mentions in screenshots with the 'Image Frame' so your stakeholders see what's most important first.

Retake screenshots using the CoverageBook Clipper

(1m 6s)

Learn how to fix coverage screenshots, remove unwanted ads/pop ups and recapture the image at the exact CoverageBook dimensions to slot seamlessly into your book.

How to manually add images and edit them

(1m 44s)

You can add images manually to any coverage items in your reports. This video guides you through adding, editing and arranging images ready for sharing!

How to make different edits to the same coverage URL

(2m 24s)

If you have multiple clients mentioned in a roundup article, or regular features on the same events page, you can duplicate clips and update the screenshots across your reports.

How to make summaries

(3m 10s)

This short video will show you how to use the Coverage Vault to make summary reports over a date range, using Highlights to create best of reports, and how to add books together to create summaries.

Account management & support

Invite and remove teammates

(0m 45s)

How to invite your teammates into the account so everyone can create, edit and share reports!

Finding help and contacting Support

(0m 39s)

How to search for answers in our help articles and how to contact our Support team if you need some extra help with something!