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CoverageBook Report and coverage pages

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CoverageBook automates the time-consuming (but essential) bits for you. So you can focus on what counts...getting more coverage...

Any serious publicist who values its own time should invest in using CoverageBook. Not only does it save time by pulling together screenshots, metrics and helping you put reports in a nicely presented CoverageBook, it allows your clients to understand the metrics better."

Kristina Spionjak Kristina Spionjak, Rozeva Ltd
Data and metrics pulled by CoverageBook

Metrics for modern communications

We measure articles and social coverage using trusted and credible metric sources. Including, SimilarWeb monthly traffic, MOZ domain authority score, direct social platform follower and engagement counts.

As measurement and evaluation is such a big part of where PR is at the moment, its great to be able to use a product that combines both strong analytics and excellent design. It visualises impact of campaigns in a single comprehensive, intelligent and user friendly way.

Geoff McGimpsey Geoff McGimpsey, McGimpsey Communications Ltd
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All your reports in one place, accessible wherever you go

You & your team can view, edit or share any report, from any device with an internet connection.

Need to make a last minute change to your report on the way to your meeting? No problem. Much better than countless spreadsheets & PowerPoints scattered who-knows-where?

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Searchable coverage vault of all your results

KPI trackers will become a thing of the past as we track your coverage performance behind the scenes. Check in on client and team performance through searchable insight area.

Refine by clients or time periods, spot trends and build new books from your results.

Estimated Views Metric

Realistic PR metrics that can be compared to the rest of marketing

Our unique estimated coverage view metrics for online article and social coverage provides a realistic measure of earned media.

It's a big gripe of mine seeing PR saying potential reach is X million or even X billion people. As a brand manager and allocator of budget, you can't take a lot from 'reach data'. We like using the 'Estimated Coverage Views' metric in CoverageBook. It's more realistic which means it's easier for me to compare PR against other areas of marketing"

James Alexander James Alexander, Head of Culture & Entertainment, Diageo (Europe)
CoverageBook Domain Authority and Backlink metrics

Demonstrate the SEO impact of your PR work

We count how many links to your client’s website were included in your coverage. This is vital to SEO success. CoverageBook reports also score how influential the publisher site is through Domain Authority, a score devised by SEO experts MOZ.

The link-checker and domain authority metric allows us to demonstrate SEO impact from our PR work to clients. We've also tracked the ‘Average Domain Authority’ score of all of the sites we've gained coverage and links on over 12 months. It shows the influential publishers we're working with, which is impressive to clients that care about their search visibility."

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