Measuring the ROI of PR is not a pipe dream.

Calculating a return on investment and comparing Public Relations to other channels is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. There is no silver-bullet in how to prove earned media value, however, our unique metrics make it possible to compare PR to other areas of marketing.

We are not talking about advertising equivalent media value here! We care about the true value of PR and have developed a unique formula that estimates impressions or views on your articles and social posts. A step towards communicating ROI of your work.

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Emily Barnes

“CoverageBook is one of our agency’s most used tools. It saves us so much time in demonstrating ROI for our clients by putting together something that looks great, can be shared instantly and offers metrics that others can’t. We couldn’t live without it!”

Emily Barnes, Account Director, Fanclub PR

CoverageBook estimated coverage views metric

Reliable and realistic measurement with ‘Estimated Coverage Views’

Readership and publisher monthly visit numbers may look like big impressive numbers but what do they tell your stakeholders?

Our reports show publisher visits, influence scores and estimates how many impressions your coverage might achieve. Data that puts PR activity in a position to be compared to the rest of marketing, whilst showing earned influence.

James Alexander

“We like using the 'Estimated Coverage Views' metric in CoverageBook. It's more realistic which means it's easier for me to compare PR against other areas of marketing”

James Alexander, Head of Culture & Entertainment, PR & Influencer Marketing, Diageo

Consistent tracking & measurement of PR outputs.

Add coverage URLs. We do the rest; automated Screenshots, metrics & insights. Social shares, estimated coverage views and influence on all coverage clips, throughout the year. Consistent data sources so your outcome evaluation is bullet-proof.

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