We want to do our bit to make the life of hard working PR professionals better...

Gary Preston, Founder of CoverageBook

CoverageBook was founded in late 2014 and is based in Brighton, UK but we love to work remotely. From London to New York. The French Alps & Berlin. And Shoreham by Sea. Where I live. The South Downs are a beautiful place to get stuff done.

Born out from the simple idea that there must be a better way to do coverage reporting using technology. The tool started life as a side project from our day jobs at the marketing agency Propellernet.

We dreamt of building our own software business. So 6 of us left the agency and committed to the cause full time.

“Over 5,000 PR professionals across 40 countries use CoverageBook”

Over 1,500 PR teams now use our tool to showcase and measure the impact of their work. In style. And fast. Our customers do a much better job at explaining what it means to them here.

We like making hard things simple. You've got enough on your plate. So you'll get a report design worthy of showcasing your earned media. Delivered to you and ready to share (i.e. show off!) in minutes. With minimal faff required on your part to get it done.

“PR measurement in the 21st century is essential. But hard.”

Why? Well we get how it is. PR measurement in the 21st century is essential. But tricky. And I'm not ashamed to admit sometimes boring to do. This comes from experience.

Between us we've had to run the last minute reports. Stay up late for the pitch. Plan work, do work. Forecast our ROI then prove our ROI. Show when it's not gone so well - but learn valuable lessons and move on. We've run PR teams. SEO teams. Walked the minefield of integrating these teams. Searching for efficiencies in workflow consumed our time and attention.

“We want to do our bit to make the life of hard working PR professionals better...”

As well as CoverageBook we built AnswerThePublic to help you come up with content ideas. We've also created a free google analytics tool for PR teams. But tools alone are not enough.

We love to share what we’re learning along the way. And we want to help you even if you haven’t embraced PR software.

So you can read our PR Resolution blog or listen to our Podcast.

We have a no fluff newsletter goes out every couple of weeks, you can sign up for that.

“We do it for lots of reasons. Here are a few...”

1. Save Time

Smart automation in PR is time back for you to invest in the work that delivers the results worth reporting on. You know. The creative communications skills bit that attracted you to work in PR in the first place. The work robots can't automate.

2. Demonstrate your value

We'll help you deliver concise reports that your clients will love you for. Helping you to show a return on your costs. Which I know from experience is important if you want to keep getting paid. Which is always nice.

3. Level you up

Admit it. PR measurement is growing up and getting harder. Other marketing channels are held up to high standards. So if via this tool I can give you time to back to learn and deliver unique insights on the impact of your work. Then plan where should be focusing next; and perhaps where you shouldn't. Then that's all good with me. It's time for PR teams to stand up and be measured.

“It's time to use technology to make life better...”

I'd like to think our simple to use technology can do something novel outside of making you or your team money.

I've heard too many stories of late night reporting after successful campaigns. Leaving work on time to hang out with friends and family is way too important.

It's time to use technology to make life better, right? CoverageBook is one way do this for PR teams. We've got many bits right. But there is still so much to improve. We're in this for the long haul and are loving every minute.

Gary Preston, Founder of CoverageBook

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