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CoverageBook helps Charities report on their positive impact

Automated press clips, audience engagement data and design flexibility for custom content. A powerful report that tells your success story to potential funders, volunteers and partners.

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How it works

CoverageBook takes the effort out of reporting on coverage. So you can use your energy where it’ll do most good — growing the charity, raising awareness or securing more funding.

1. add coverage instagram, twitter, facebook and tik tok logos. 2. Screenshot and metrics. 3. Happy client with report layout settings.


Just add coverage...

Paste links to website articles, social media posts, YouTube etc. Or upload print clippings, video or audio files.


Get screenshots, PR metrics & data back in minutes

Choose how to present your coverage and prioritise key metrics.


Customise and share your book Online or as a PDF

With space for custom slides, videos and branding you’ll engage and delight your report readers.

Engage funders, donors and volunteers

With flexible, easy to digest report formats that show the difference you’re making as a non-profit organisation. Both in the media and to individuals.

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“As a small volunteer-led organisation, we need to punch well above our weight to get the attention of funders. CoverageBook allows us to do this by showing the impact we are making at Dad La Soul. The reports have the WOW factor.”

Dan Flanagan, Founder, Dad La Soul

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Share online

Looks great from a mobile phone to the boardroom TV

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Create PDFs

Ready to send digitally or print out when you need a hard copy

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Export as CSV

Download all coverage metrics & data as an Excel/CSV file

Measure awareness and prove your impact

With automated audience, views and engagements data you can assess and demonstrate the impact investment, funding and activity has for your charity.

Learn about metrics & data

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“If you don’t communicate your impact well, everyone – including you – will remain at a loss as to whether what you do actually works and therefore whether it is really worth investing in.”

Rob Alcroft, Founder, Wayforward

How a PR helped gain funding to connect lonely Dads around the world

Listen to our podcast interview with Dan Flanagan, founder of the growing community interest group ‘Dad La Soul’. Hear how Dad La Soul attributes its global growth and success down to PR, but specifically how they adapted their PR report into a social impact report that captured the attention of funders, partner stakeholders and volunteers.

The PR Resolution Podcast

How one PR report is helping gain funding to connect Dads with soul.

with Dan Flanagan

Hosted by CoverageBook's Stella Bayles

Listen now

We’ve helped non-profits big & small streamline their reporting

Whether we help to save time, resource, or increase awareness, we know for charities that little difference can often go straight to benefitting those who need it most.

CoverageBook has freed up time previously spent on monthly reporting so we can now dedicate more hours to doing the stuff we really want to do as a charity, like reaching out to our target audience, and getting more coverage of course! Demonstrating impact to trustees and funders is an absolute must for any charity PR team.

Rachel M, National Numeracy

We've found Coverage Book a really useful tool. The look of it is very professional and it's been invaluable in showcasing our flagship campaigns in an easy to digest and presentable manner.

Niall Couper, Amnesty International

Having PR coverage readership, social shares and SEO metrics taken care of automatically, gives me the time to focus on the additional info funders, potential partners and volunteers look for; such as number of projects delivered, volunteer hours given and project engagement.

Dan Flanagan, founder of Dad La Soul

We've got lots more happy customers. If you'd like to read more honest opinions and reviews check us out on G2 Crowd

30% off any plan for non-profits

We help to save time, report on impact and increase awareness

Take the pain out of PR reporting. Start a free trial and see how it all works with your own coverage. You'll be making books within minutes.

30 day free trial, no commitment, no credit card required.
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‘PR Showcase’ Gallery full of books created by our customers. As well as seeing how CoverageBook could work for you, it’s a great place to get inspiration for your next report or campaign.

We also have a case study on how one non-profit, 'Dad La Soul' used CoverageBook to create an extremely compelling narrative of the impact of their work. Find out how they harnessed some of the features of CoverageBook here

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