Element M: ‘Rick Macci Hall of Fame Tennis Coach’

Winner Element M's Rick Macci CoverageBook - front cover and metric summary
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Why they won

A wide range of pitching tactics - including capitalising on one of 2022's biggest movies - lead to this profile campaign by ELEMENT M for Hall of Fame tennis coach Rick Macci securing impressive coverage results. Their easy-to-digest report is broken down into sections using custom slides to clearly explain their approach and the impressive results are highlighted to readers through the 'highlights' metrics and book design.

Key Moments

Coverage highlights from the campaign

A multiple-layered Public Relations strategy that capitalised on an international movie release

ELEMENT M maximised the buzz of the tennis movie ‘King Richard’, using multiple outreach angles where Rick Macci was pitched to give his personal account of working with the Williams sisters. The team then built on that momentum, securing additional opportunities in reaction to Serena’s retirement, and Rick became the expert tennis contributor for a number of publications.

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element M's front cover imagery and highlights

An eye-catching and on-brand report that mirrors the attention to detail within the campaign

To grab the reader’s attention, ELEMENT M started with an eye-catching front cover, choosing an image from the movie King Richard showing the actor Jon Bernthal depicting Rick Macci. Rick’s brand colour was used throughout the book, while highlights showcase the range of coverage. It’s these simple-to-implement final touches that ensure impact from brief to wrap-up.

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Element M's Section Overview

Custom slides and sections to make the report easy to digest

The report has been nicely broken down into sections, which are used to set out the brief, the idea and the outreach tactics which made this piece of work such a success. The addition of a client testimonial from Rick Macci is an impressive touch which brings the client’s delight with ELEMENT M’s work to life.

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