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Fix coverage screenshots and bookmark coverage links.
The handy little browser extension tool for CoverageBook

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Before and after split screen. Before shows Cookie notice, newsletter sign up and overlay obscuring the coverage. After, using 'Clipper' show a clean, clear screenshot of the coverage article.

Fix CoverageBook screenshots

At CoverageBook we’re always working to improve screenshot quaility. But with the best will in the world, there will be times when annoying little pop-up messages, cookie notices and the like get in the way of your lovely coverage.

That’s why we’ve built Clipper, a free browser extension tool for Chrome.


How it works

Once installed, from within CoverageBook, simply click the “Fix Screenshot” button for any offending articles. You’ll then be taken to the webpage in question. Close any unwanted messages or things that are in the way and retake the screenshot. It’ll capture it at the exact CoverageBook dimensions and slot seamlessly into your book in a jiffy. Check out the video 👉

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Clipper also lets you bookmark coverage links
while you browse for mentions

A list of bookmarked coverage links in Clipper. With a 'Copy to clipboard' button.

Keep track of coverage and add it to your books when you’re ready

Clipper isn’t just for fixing screenshots. When you come across articles featuring your coverage, you can bookmark them in an instant and create a handy little list of coverage links.

When you’re ready simply copy them them to your clipboard and paste into CoverageBook (or your personal tracker if that’s your bag).

Setup and installation

1. Go to the Google Chrome web store to get CoverageBook Clipper for free

2. Click the “Add to Chrome” button.

3. Click “Add extension” to confirm you want to install Clipper.

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