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Changes to coveragebook.com pricing plans

Gary Preston

I’m getting old. I’m starting to talk about how quickly time flies by. But to say we launched covergebook.com as a paid service just over a year ago...well…..doesn't time fly?

Since then we’ve shipped improvements to the tool almost every week. We’ve become somewhat obsessive about this

We're now very lucky to have over 600 loyal customers worldwide. In-house teams, agencies. small & big teams.  And nothing makes us happier when we see things like this.

Now. We’re by no means finished with this thing. There is still so much to do. So much. And we can’t wait to show you the next wave of changes coming both now and throughout the rest of the year.

But of course our commitment to continually improving the product means we need to ensure we’re covering the infrastructure & team costs for this.

Just get on with it & tell me if prices are going up….

Yes. From April the 19th 2016 we’re launching a new set of pricing plans for new customers.

These prices will go live in conjunction with a wave of new features. Like the ability to create a branded URLs to share your reports online. 

Are you changing prices for existing customers?

For our existing customers (anybody that is an active customer prior to 19th April 2016) you can stay on exactly the same pricing as you are on now. You’ll also get to benefit from the current wave of new features going live as a thank you for your early and very welcome support in our first year.

You’ll get to keep all the existing features you’ve enjoyed up until now. If you do cancel and then want to come back later you’ll be signing up to the new pricing plans.

For transparency, we may build features in the future that are only available in the new plans. At this point (or before if you choose) you will be free to switch to those plans to get access to them.

So what are the new pricing plans?

Here is a sneak peek. These plans will go live on the site on the 19th April. New customers will only be able to sign up to these plans after this time. VAT at local rates will be added to these prices.

coveragebook team

coveragebook individual

I’m an existing customer & like the look of the new plans. Can I switch?

Yes of course. We’ll be happy to help you do this.

Any other questions?

Please email support@coveragebook.com and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have. 

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