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A visual PR report is worth a thousand words

Stella Bayles


A human’s attention span is eight seconds. A company president or CEO’s attention span will be even less. They are being pulled in a million directions everyday so when a PR report is forwarded to them they’re unlikely to have time to read it all.


But the CEO or C-suite are the people you want to get in front of. They are the decision makers and budget holders. You worked hard on your PR campaign and you want to secure your next budget. So if you only have a matter of seconds, how do you grab their attention and impress the people that matter?


How do you grab their attention and impress the people that matter?




Use your best metric first.  Did you increase traffic to the site? Did more people sign up to the company newsletter than the previous month? Did your campaign make any direct sales? This is the kind of information the C-suite want to know.


Ensure your headline stat is in the subject or headlined in your report. Once you have that clear it’s time to tell the rest of the story. But ensure you prioritise the information.


The trick is to tell your story in the opposite way to how your got there. The business impact is the most important part. If that’s impressive enough people will want to know more. Then it’s time to share how you got there. Here’s an example;


The process:

  • Campaign activity - outputs

  • Audience made aware - reach outputs

  • Audience took action - action outcome

  • Business impacted - analytics data


How you should communicate it:

  • Business impact headline

  • Outcome

  • Output

  • Campaign activity detail




Even if you haven’t met the C-suite yet you should remember that most people have a visual mind. Images convey information four to five times quicker than words. Consider this when you communicate your success. Remember you have a matter of seconds to play with.


The first page of CoverageBook.com reports summarise headline numbers so it’s the first thing the viewer sees. As well as the metrics we automate or you it’s also possible to add ones you gained from analytics such as traffic increases or sales into this section too.



Take the visual a step further. Why not introduce a graph demonstrating an increase of traffic from your PR campaign? Or an infographic of your best metrics? This is easily done by adding a ‘custom divider slide’ to your report in CoverageBook. You can upload any image, PDF, word or PowerPoint file to the front of your report.

Whichever design you decide to use it’s important to remember that your audience:

  • Has little time

  • Has a visual mind

  • Cares about business impact


Remember those three points when you create your next report and you will be gaining the attention of the people that matter.


Want to hear more?


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