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Six ways ‘search & refine coverage’ will make your PR life better

Stella Bayles


‘Search and refine’. Two new CoverageBook.com features that you could mistake for being rather average updates to an app right? WRONG.


Searching and refining your coverage doesn’t just allow you to review and report better, it improves PR performance. Here’s six examples how;


1. Your head of marketing has an update with the CEO and needs the total no. of coverage and social shares this year

  • No problem, refine by date and download the CSV file of all of your coverage data


2. You have a last minute status call with a partner agency on your latest campaign

  • No problem, refine your coverage by client and then by date and view & discuss the data


3. You need to set KPIs for your next campaign

  • No problem, refine by client and sort coverage by measurement metrics - what did you achieve last time? Set your next KPIs based on real data


4. The social team need to know the sentiment of recent coverage

  • If you track this then; no problem, search all of your coverage comments section for positive/negative


5. You need to refresh your master media list for next year

  • No problem, Search for your top-tier media titles and find out what site has given you the most coverage or has been the most shared


6. The C-suite need to see coverage with CEO quotes

  • No problem, just search for the your CEO name and we will pull back any coverage with comments including that note


Metrics can transform PR teams


Being able to get to coverage items quicker through search and refine will be a real time-saver but what could be even more valuable to you and your team is the data you now have access to.


Without realising you are sat on a wealth of performance data within CoverageBook.com. By refining your coverage by client, date, media or campaign you can gain insights of how your team has improved and where changes to performance can be made.


Check out my recent posts on how you can improve PR performance and set better KPIs by reviewing coverage metrics including Domain Authority and Coverage Views on the blog here.


So go! Search, refine, review and improve.


And when you have a moment, tell us how you got on at stella@coveragebook.com


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