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Stella Bayles


Google, news and PR have gone hand in hand for years but as we approach the US presidential election finale and await brexit news in the UK, we're searching for news more than ever.


So what does this have to do with Public Relations? Quite a lot actually. Here are five features that tell you the facts! 


Good (Google) news!

This week Google News stepped up its news labelling technology and in the UK and US and now includes a ‘fact check’ label. This is potentially great news in US presidential election finale and a big help to objective news being shared worldwide.

If you are releasing factual news you will need to work with the publisher to try and gain the label. More information on the update from Google here and if you are the publisher, learn how to mark up your news here.


Google news, where do I begin?

If you, like millions of others read Google news but as a PR have no idea how to feature within it. Take a look at this video I recorded recently. I cover how Google news works, how to encourage your releases into the feed and how it affects reputation. You’re welcome.


Whoa, Google you’ve been busy!

Still on the topic of Google....The Penguin is back! Well it returns as the 4.0 version. Stay with me, I haven’t gone mad!


'Penguin’ is the code name for a very important part of the Google algorithm and it’s hugely important to PR people. The 'penguin' algorithm reads your coverage for URL links to your client’s content so you should be aware! Watch this great ‘Whiteboard-Friday’ video from Moz on the full 4.0 Penguin Google update.


Hold-up, PR, links Google. What?!

If you’re new to online PR coverage and Google search results then I recommend you take a few minutes to improve your knowledge. It will add huge value to your offering.


Have 2 minutes? Read this great post from TravelTappers on SEO-PR


Have 2 hours?  Read my ebook ‘PRs Digital Resolution’ Yes, it’s a cheeky plug but you’ll gain the full background and can get started.


Is PR ready for Google data?

Christopher S. Penn, Vice President of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications shares his view on what data can add to PR, the benefit of reviewing social data from our campaigns and how Google data fits in communications. A great 5 minute read.



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