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Facebook update: Share count data available again

Stella Bayles

26th August 2016 Update:
Facebook data is back now. Yey. 

In short none of the below is relevant right now. We have switched to using an alternative data source. Of course this could be removed in the future but for now all data is coming back. 



It's just been confirmed that Facebook has officially shut off the API that CoverageBook.com and many other publishers used to display social share counts of URLs.


How does this impact CoverageBook.com?

As of Monday 22nd August 2016 Facebook shares will unfortunately not appear in CoverageBook.com reports.


What will happen to Facebook share count data in my existing reports?

We’ve already built in a number of measures to help make this loss of Facebook share counts a little easier. If you decide to use our feature “refresh social metrics” on any report we will ensure any historical Facebook counts are retained in reports.


What are we doing about it?

Since learning of this frustrating change we've been liaising with social share providers to build in precautions i.e. managing the loss of past share data.


We have also built in the ability for you to add in your own social share data if you have access elsewhere. This is possible through ‘custom metrics’ in the edit view.


We know how important share counts are to you. We closely monitor new developments to Facebook's APIs and 3rd party metric providers. If an alternative source of this metric becomes available, we'll do what we can to make it easy to connect to your coverage reports as soon as we can.


As a product team we are also exploring new social media elements in CoverageBook.com reports. We have been speaking with a number of users on this topic and are looking at ways to make social data more insightful.


If you have feedback, ideas or comments on this topic please email support@coveragebook.com


Finally, you can track further updates on this topic here on the blog within your in-app messages.


Thank you.

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