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Interviews with world's most innovative PR teams

Laura Joint

There are PR teams and agencies across the world doing some amazing things right now and we are in a privileged position to hear it. From innovative work flows to capturing brilliant creativity, there's so much we all can learn. That's why we started the inside innovation series. Our aim is to track down the world’s most amazing comms teams to discover their secrets, methods and philosophy behind what makes them amazing and then share it with you!


"Our aim is to track down the world’s most amazing comms teams to discover their secrets"


So far we have met MSLGROUP, Ketchum London, Ogilvy LA, MSL Group San Fran and NYC, Neomam Manchester, ING Bank Amsterdam and Manifest London & NYC and we have many more coming your way. All of their stories are different so read through and see if you can take inspiration from teams around the world taking the alternative approach. 

If you know anyone in communications trying new ways of working please get in touch and connect us. Just email Stella@coveragebook.com  or tweet @StellaBayles


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‘PR’s Digital Resolution’ outlines the winning formula that has generated online communication campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest brands and earned them millions of pounds. This book will strengthen future communications strategies, provide the measurement you’ve been looking for and win new digital budgets.

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