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6 of the best online monitoring tools for PR right now

Laura Joint

You’ve worked hard to get that story out there, now you need to collate the coverage to show off to your client. But where do you start?


 There are so many media monitoring tools out there but it takes time to trial them all and we know what it's like, you just don't have the time..


Don't fret! We have collated, tried and tested some of the biggest names out there to give you the lowdown on media monitoring in the modern PR world. 



1. Buzzsumo
Buzzsumo is predominantly a content tool. It is designed to help you discover content that your audience wants to engage with and identify influencers to reach out to. Although media monitoring seems to be more of an “add-on” feature, it’s still really good;

  • Really nice walk through to set up first alert

  • Captures quite a lot of coverage instantly

  • You can easily block domains (for example you’re own)

  • Nice dashboard - displays a nice graph of when you secured coverage & you can sort by most shared pieces

  • You can view the coverage on the dashboard, export it or even have alerts emailed to you


  • You cannot export mentions on the free trial

Free trial?

  • Yes 14 days on the Pro Plan


  • Prices start from $99, that's for 10 brand mentions. Many agencies would be looking at $299 especially if you have sub-brands to track too however Buzzsumo provides a lot more than just media monitoring so overall we think it's good value 


2. TalkWalker
Talkwalker is social data intelligence so predominantly looks at social media rather than coverage mentions (for which you can monitor everything from reach, engagement and audience activity). It does also look at coverage mentions.

  • Very similar format to setting up Google Alerts

  • Even the free version goes back 7 days (paid versions can backtrack the year)

  • You are emailed the results so once it is set up you don’t need to worry about logging in


  •  You have to wait and be emailed the results

Free trial?

  • Yes, there’s a free version you can use to trial the account


  • It could be free if you don’t mind a really restricted account however if you want to research more than 5 topics, the lowest plan is $420 a month which is quite a jump



3. Google Alerts
Google Alerts is the original media monitoring tool. As Google has the biggest crawl budget of anything on the web so it has the potential to be the best media monitoring tool

  • Pretty quick to set up

  • The interface has had a redesign so nicer to use than a few years ago

  • It’s free


  • Not very reliable (which is really surprising) 

Trial/cost: N/A



4. Google News Downloader
A free tool created by the guys at Customer Dev Labs which uses the Google news API to look for news stories containing your brand

  • Very very quick

  • Free

  • Can download to CSV


  • The interface is a bit bland and bare

Trial/cost: N/A



5. Mention.com

Mention.com is one of our favourites. It’s an easy to use media monitoring tool with extras. PR pros are able to track PR campaigns, identify influencers and create reports quickly.


  • Intuitive. You can get going very quickly
  • Assigning tasks team members makes it a great collaboration tool
  • The keyword crawler and filters work well - it didn’t miss any of our coverage


  • It offers sentiment analysis on mentions however they’re not always accurate like most sentiment analysis out there

Free Trial?

  • Yes, I was able to report on a campaign through the free trial


  • Plans start at $29 a month for 2 campaigns/3000 mentions and go up to bespoke agency plans



6. Moz Fresh Web Explorer
Moz started as an SEO consultancy and SEO Moz became renowned as the place to go to find how many inbound links a website had. Now Moz hosts a variety of tools that are of use to online marketers.


  • Very quick, simple and easy to use

  • You can download you mentions to a CSV file


  • Didn’t pull back many of our mentions

 Free Trial?

  • Yes but you need to put your card details in and you need to cancel otherwise, you are automatically upgraded


  • Plans start at $99 a month for 5 campaigns/300 keywords

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