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Answer The client - how this free Analytics tool also provides valuable insight

Laura Joint

“What happened after the coverage went live?”
“Did this coverage generate any leads”
“What did this coverage do”
“Is the coverage hitting target”
“Did you campaign deliver traffic to our content?”

Does the above sound familiar?

Our aim has always been to try and make your lives easier. Last week we launched answertheclient.com to help you answer these questions quickly and effortlessly. It’s free and you simply log in with your email address and website and we’ll provide you with beautiful data explaining which URLs generated the most traffic.

Reading this I am sure you are all devout CoverageBook customers (if not, why not? Have you seen this? ;-) ) so hopefully your time creating boring coverage books has been drastically reduced. Some of it should deservedly be spent in the pub. But some could go into looking more at the coverage you have secured and understanding what is working well and the impact you are creating.

By understanding which pieces of coverage delivered the most traffic you can begin to put more value on the impact that your campaign drove.

Brilliantly simple measurement.

But it doesn't stop there. You can use the tool to deliver insight back to your next campaigns. Have a look at the pieces of coverage that drove the most amount of traffic and even converted customers then and there and ask yourself:

  • What are your relationships like with the editors of these publications - should they be top of your list for the next campaign?
  • What do they have in common?
  • Were they subtle on the branding?
  • What is the audience of the publications?
  • Does this reflect the target publications that the client gave you? Often the insight given to you by clients about what publications resonate with their target audience is a hunch - or what they’d like to be true.


Then go to the pub. As we say you deserve it.

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