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After years of big ideas, and a whole lot of listening to our clever customers, CoverageBook is about to get a serious update. It’s slicker, faster and better than ever before, with more data, more freedom and more control. Read on to find out more.

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collage of book overview and social date
twitter and instagram metrics

Data for social media coverage—here at last!

Paste in your links from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts and automatically get metrics like followers, engagement and estimated views. On top of all that we’ll even pull back their profile image and a handy little bio for some extra context.

book overview showing book contents and sections

A bird’s eye view of your book’s contents. Goodbye endless scrolling

We know it could be pretty painful sometimes trying to find a piece of coverage you’d just added. With the new Book Overview everything is in easy reach. It’s a complete game-changer for bigger books and end of year reports.

moving sections of coverage up and down

Easily group, organise and manage your coverage with Sections

Create sections by country, date, media type or anything else you need. The best part, now you can instantly move entire sections and all their contents with a single click. Want to add coverage straight into a section? No problem. Made a mistake or want to spin out another version of the book? It’s just as easy to delete whole sections and their contents too.

Contents dropdown menu with links to each part of the shared book

Speedy navigation around your books with the new Contents menu

Now your clients and stakeholders can use the “Contents” menu to dive right into a specific section to check out all the important stuff when they view your books. It acts like a simple table of contents that’s always in reach. It’s just as easy to navigate around when you’re busy editing too.

image of influencer profile with bio, followers and avatar image

Outlet data that adds a whole extra layer of context to your coverage

We all know that not every outlet or publication is immediately recognisable by name. That’s why we also now pull back a short bio, a logo and of course some metrics that all help to get across the quality or relevance of your coverage. Great for reporting, even better for your next campaign planning.

choosing report metrics to add to the summary

Complete control over what appears in your metrics summary and in what order

Start with our simple core metrics, then handpick the metrics that best tell the story of the impact of your work. With the addition of the all new Metrics Palette—featuring more data points than ever before—it’s easy to add, remove and drag metrics around for complete, curated data perfection.

using multi-selected checkboxes to move all coverage to another section

Better bulk actions. Select, move or delete multiple pieces of coverage in one go

Ah the humble checkbox. Such a simple thing, but a huge time-saver that makes day-to-day editing so much faster and easier. More coverage, no longer means more report time!

adding a custom metric with a definition to a piece of online coverage

Unlimited custom metrics for ALL types of coverage

When you need that extra layer of data, you can now add unlimited custom metrics to online coverage and social posts, as well as offline pieces. The coverage templates will flex to handle whatever you need.

You can even choose how the metric gets totalled up in your summary—as a sum, average, count, maximum...

social post images and estimated view metric of 23.4K

A ground-breaking new Estimated Views metric to measure social media posts

Building on the work of some pretty heavy MIT research, we’ve worked tirelessly to create an algorithm that predicts the likely number of actual views a social media post would get—factoring in followers, engagements, platforms and heaps of other clever maths stuff.

It’s an industry first in social reporting that raises the bar for honest, realistic PR measurement.

coverage displayed on a grid, in a stacked list and in full

Switch between grid, list & full views, for quick scanning or detailed editing

Whether your reordering your coverage, reviewing the data, proof reading or looking for trends and patterns there is an optimised view to help make it easier.

You can even choose between these layouts when you share your book with clients.

highlight card and list of highlights

Make sure all your best coverage gets seen with unlimited highlights

As much as we want them to, not all clients sit and look at every piece of coverage in a book. Now you can feature as many highlights as your heart desires, so you can be sure those key pieces you worked so hard for won’t be overlooked.

collage of new experience and features of CoverageBook 2

Import your existing books into the new experience at the touch of a button

Want to see how things would look in the new CoverageBook? Go for it. Want to get social data for coverage you added ages ago? No problem.

Your coverage will import seamlessly, including things like highlights, comments, custom metrics and the front cover. We’ll even create sections automatically out of any dividers in your book.

So can it do everything the original CoverageBook can do? Well, not quite yet...

We’re pretty proud of where we’ve got to so far, but we’re by no means done yet. We’ve still got lots of work to do, but we think these new features will bring value to some people right now. Rather than hold back until everything’s done and perfect we’re putting it out there to hopefully solve some problems for some of you today. We’ll continue to work hard and build on what we’ve got so far.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the things it does and doesn’t do...yet!

CoverageBook 2 vs CoverageBook 1

CoverageBook 2 (beta)
CoverageBook 1
Metrics & Data
Unique Visits from SimilarWeb instead of monthly visits
Social Metrics for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube (followers, engagements, views)
Ground-breaking Estimated Views metrics for social media posts
Custom (user-created) metrics for all types of coverage ❌ (Offline only)
Automatic outlet data, like publication, logo and a short bio for extra context
Enhanced Metrics Summary with drag and drop ordering
New Metrics Summary Palette containing every data point in your book
Check for backlinks ✅ (up to 5 domains) ✅ (1 domain)
Editing and Organisation
Sections to group, organise and manage coverage
Import coverage directly into a section
Move or delete whole sections and all their contents in a single click
Bulk actions to quickly select, move or delete multiple pieces of coverage in one go
Importing PDFs/Video assets as coverage ❌ (Coming soon)
View coverage in grid, list or full views to speed up different tasks
Unlimited Coverage Highlights with drag and drop ordering ❌ (8 max)
Public book - unique page for each section
Public book - contents menu for easy navigation for stakeholders/readers
Public book - choose to display coverage in each section in full, grid or list views
Multiple images for all parts of coverage screenshots ❌ (We’re working on a new solution)
Ability to focus on the key parts of coverage screenshot ❌ (Coming soon)
Custom Divider Slides ❌ (Coming soon)
PDF report ❌ (In the pipeline)
CSV export
Insights view
Merge books ❌ (In the pipeline)


If I've recenty cancelled CoverageBook can I still get access to this?

Yes, we'd love for you to give us another chance. If version 1 was not right we hope 2 will be. Sign up for early access and we'll share more on how you'll have a chance to try it out.

Can I still access the current CoverageBook?

Yes, the next generation beta version will exist alongside the current version right now. You can flip between then two as you wish.

Can I import my existing books into the new version?

Yes, it’s easy to bring your existing books into the new version. The new features will work as if you’ve created a new book. For example, you’ll now see data for social media posts.

Can I share the new version with my clients?

Yes, please do. We’d love to hear any feedback they have, good or bad.

If I try out the new version will that change things in my current account?

Changes you make in the new version won’t affect your books in the current version, so you’re free to experiment and play around. The only thing to avoid is editing client names (this would change the client name is the old version too).

If I'm a current customer do I have to pay extra to use the new version?

No, there’s no extra cost. Nothing will change with your plan and the amount you pay each month/year.

Ready to try the next chapter of CoverageBook?

We’re limiting access to a handpicked selection of existing customers right now. But as soon as we're ready to open it up we'd love for you to see it.